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This section features The Toy Trove's Policies, including Shipping/Handling, Product Status, Returns and Pre-Order Cancelations. By ordering from The Toy Trove you are acknowledging that you have read these terms and conditions and agree to them in full.

Shipping Policy

General Shipping Policy

  1. All orders within Canada and the United States are shipped via Canada Post.
  2. As of January 2012, The Toy Trove officially ships only to Canada and the United States. However, we will consider special requests. If you DO NOT live in Canada or the U.S. but are interested in some of our products, please send us an email to and we can provide you with a shipping estimate, depending on the destination.
  3. We are required by law to declare the full value of the products purchased on all customs paperwork for international shipments. The Toy Trove is not responsible for any customs fees, taxes, tariffs, or other fees your local government may charge you for ordering items from Canada (these items are generally made in China, Japan, or Taiwan). Please check with your local government for tax rules in your country.

Shipping/Handling Charges and Product Status

  1. Shipping charges are calculated directly by Canada Post, and are based on the destination, combined with the weight of the product and the dimensions of the box in which it is shipped.
  2. All shipping charges include a handling fee. The fee ranges from $1-$3 and is used to cover the cost of shipping materials and added services (such as added insurance)
  3. Domestic shipments by regular mail can vary from 1-10 business days for delivery once they have left our warehouse, depending on the destination. U.S. shipments may take longer depending on the location, and the shipping method selected.
  4. “In stock” items will be shipped from The Toy Trove within 1 – 2 business days (keeping in mind our hours of operation. Items listed as “Back-Order” are not currently in stock, but can possibly be ordered and will take approximately 7 –10 business days before they can be shipped from our warehouse to the customer. Just because an item is listed as back-order, does not mean it is guaranteed to be available. If a customer has purchased an item that is no longer available from our suppliers, but was not promptly removed from our site, the customer will be notified and given an immediate refund. Items that are no longer available from our suppliers will be removed from the site as soon as we are aware of their unavailability. Status on products is checked daily.

                                                        Policy for prevention of identity fraud

Identity theft is a real issue in todays world. For that reason, any large orders where the billing and shipping information do not match, will be cancelled and refunded immediately. Any large or suspicious orders may be cancelled if we feel that their legitimacy cannot be verified.

General Return Policy: Return Policy


  1. All returns must be authorized. Please contact for any and all inquiries regarding returns. Any and all returns that are sent without prior authorization will not be refunded or replaced until contact has been made regarding the issue.
  2. The refund will be made to the customer in the same form of payment used for the purchase. If inspection of the returned item/items reveals that the previously approved reason for return was falsified (e.g. the "damaged" item is not damaged), then the customer will be contacted and no refund will be processed.

For reasons of dislike or change of mind:

  1. Unopened items may be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Opened items must have complete packaging and may be subject to a restocking fee. A reason must be given for returning an opened item. The Toy Trove reserves the right to refuse any returns of opened product, depending on the reason for return.
  2. Charges for shipping will be owed by the customer for any and all returns relating to reasons of dislike or change of mind.

For reasons of manufacturer's defect or damage during shipping:

  1. If you receive an item that has a manufacturer's defect, we are more than happy to ship you a replacement. Please contact us within 10 days of receiving your order (The quicker, the better). The item must be shipped back to The Toy Trove before a replacement can be sent.
  2. The Toy Trove will cover all shipping fees to and from our warehouse on defective items. Defective damaged items may only be exchanged for the same item.
  3. The Toy Trove is not responsible for damage during shipping. We take all reasonable precautions to ensure the item is propperly packed and labled (if fragile).
  4. The Toy Trove will not accept returns on opened product that cannot be resonably shown to have a defect. i.e. If a customers contacts us immediately after the item has arrived to say that the package was opened and the figure fell apart, we will consider it for a replacement. However, if the customer contacts us several days after the item has arrived, to say that the arm broke off the figure, we have to consider the possibility that the toy broke during play, and we cannot insure all toys from damage during play. This being said, the sooner you contact us about a defect with your product, the better the chances are that we can help you. As always, we will give all returns our full consideration.

For reasons of lost or stolen product during shipping:

The Toy Trove is not responsible for any lost or stolen merchandise after the order has reached its destination. However, all orders shipped via Canada Post are automatically insured for the total cost of the order. alll orders are tracked from when they leave the warehouse. Any order that fails to reach its destination will be replaced, free of charge, as soon as the loss of the item or items in question can be confirmed. If an order was received, but was found to be missing a particular item/items that were confirmed to be in the box when it was shipped, the item/items in question may be replaced after a brief investigation into the matter.

Christmas Return Policy:

For items purchased during the months of November and December the policy is extended from 30 days, until January 30th. The same rules still apply. Unopened product may be returned for a refund, whilst opened product can be returned for a defective replacement of the same item only. For unopened products the customer pays the return shipping. For opened defective products, shipping is covered by The Toy Trove.

Pre-Order Cancelations

Pre-orders and pre-order deposits:

At the moment, pre-order items are handled in two different ways:

  1. Pre-order (full pay): Most coming soon items require full payment to pre-order it. If a pre-order on such an item is cancelled either before or after the item arrives in stock, a full refund is issued. However, items are usually shipped within 1-2 business days after they arrive at our warehouse. If a customer wished to cancel pre-order that was paid in full, but the item has already shipped, then the customer has to first return the item (at customer's expense), before a full refund for the cost of the item can be issued. Customers will be contacted via email to notify them when the order has shipped. All release dates are clearly listed and the customer is always updated via email if a release date is either pushed back or bumped up. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility to make any cancelations before the item is shipped. Once the item is in stock, it may be shipped immediately without notifying the customer beforehand.
  2. Pre-order (deposit): When it comes to"Preorder Deposit" Items, they can be cancelled if given enough notice. However, once our distributor receives them, it is usually too late for us to cancel those items on our order, especially in the case of high ticket items ($149.99 or more). If a customer wishes to cancel a high ticket preorder item where they have placed a deposit, we may be forced to keep the deposit as compensation for the cancellation. These items can be very expensive, so we try to only get enough to fill our preorders. When one is cancelled at the last minute and we are unable to cancel it from our distributors. This is something we will decide on a case by case basis.

3. If an item is preordered and the customer does not pick it up within one month of being notifies that the item is in stock, then the item can be put back out for sale. If the customer comes in afterwards and the item is sold, then they will receive a refund. This policy is to protect the store in case a customer is simply not responding to communications about their preorder. If you are unable to pick up your item for a certain amount of time, then the hold time can be extended, but we do not hold items indefinitely for liability and space concerns.

4. When preordering multiple items, arriving at different times:
If a customer were to preorder multiple items, arriving at different dates on the same order, then they have two choices. They can have us hold all items until everything has arrived, and then ship all at once. Or, they can have the first batch of items ship when they arrive, and the customer will be billed for the shipping cost on the additional items just before they ship. (Note) in the case of free shipping promotions, the same rule applies. We cannot split up orders and still offer free shipping on all the items. They have to be shipped together, or the customer must be billed for additional shipping costs if they decide to split up the shipping.

All returns must be shipped to THE TOY TROVE within 30 days of the product arriving at its destination. All shipments to the customer are tracked to verify the date of arrival. The parcel must be postmarked within the first 30 days.